MadLid is a combination of our names, where “Mad” are the initials of Martyn Alan Davis and “Lid” is the shortened name of Lidija Davis.

Contrary to popular belief, Lid is not mad, and Martyn only rarely flips his lid!

Lidija Davis

Lidija Davis is one of the human editors of algorithm based tech news site Techmeme. Lid is also an advisor to

Lidija has contributed to broadcast and online media including Tech Talk Radio, The Drill Down and ReadWriteWeb and in 1998 she wrote and produced Online, Australia’s first television series about the Internet for WinTV.

Lidija also wrote, produced and directed a number of videos for Video Education Australasia aimed at teenagers:

You can contact Lid via:

Martyn Davis

By trade, Martyn is a software developer, who has nearly 30 years experience in doing stuff with computers.

You can contact Martyn via:

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